The Way it Happened (Seventeen)

Article from: Seventeen (1988)

Barret Oliver's not a headliner yet, but at fifteen he's getting there with Cocoon: The Return, playing a kid caught up in an alien encounter. Three years ago he was in the original Cocoon. "It feels as if I've never left off," he says while on location in Miami, Florida, waiting to do a scene with Wilford Brimley and Courteny Cox.

Oliver's spent half his life acting but hasn't yet decided on his future career. (He also likes to fly.) "Everyone thinks you get some big break," he remarks, "but as I remember, I just said, 'Hey, Mom, I want to be an actor.' She had a friend whose son was acting. We went over to his agenct and signed up, and then I started doing TV commercials."

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