The Incredible Hunk! (16 Magazine)

Article from: 16 Magazine (1989)

Remember that cute little tyke in The Neverending Story? And the charming little boy who loved everything about animals and nature in The Secret Garden? What about young "David Green" who watched his grandparents go off on a voyage to another planet in the film Cocoon?

All those movie boys-who tugged oh-so-gently at your hearstrings!!-were played to perfection by brown-eyed Barret Oliver, and you'll be happy to know that you can see this adorable actor at your local movie theater right this very minute in Cocoon: The Return!

Yes, the now 15-year-old Barret is portraying a teenaged "David Green" and now "David," has to deal with his grandparents and those friendly aliens all over again! For "David," this may be a perplexing problem for Barret...well, it's all in a day's work!

When this gorgeous 5'8'', 120 pound hunk isn't working, you can find him at home in La Crescenta, California, with his dad Kent (an interior designer), his mom Kathy, (she manags Barret's carrer) and older brother Kyle, 18, who started all this in the first place! Barret tried acting only because his brother was already in the business. These days Kyle has leftacting, while Barret is creating quite a name for himself in the field!

And speaking of fields, that's where you're likely to find Barret-rounding up the five family cats that roam around outdoor! 'Course Barret's dog Rita keeps track of them too and she especially likes to keep an eye on Barret when he's building his model planes and cars!! Catch Barret alone, and he'll probably be reading a sci-fi book or talking on the phone with friends. His favorite kind of girlfriend is the smart kind and he loves taking dates to a movie or play followed by a yummy Japanese dinner!

'Course an evening of great music suits him just fine too, so if you want to spend time with this Cocoon cutie, bring along your Talking Heads and Echo & the Bunnymen LP's! Meanwhile, catch this doll in Cocoon: The Return and let him know how you liked it by dropping him a line.


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