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Article from: Teen Beat (1989)

Meet Barret Oliver, He's the Out-of-this-world star of Cocoon: The Return!

Remember the name Barret Oliver because you're bound to be hearing it a lot in the years to come. Barret has already starred in a long list of hit flicks and popular TV shows, and you can currenty see him in the out-of-this world new movie, Cocoon: The Return.

So if you haven't already been property introduced to one of the Hollywood's hottest new teen stars, then it's about time you were! TEEN BEAT has all the latest on this adorable up-and-comer right here and just for you!

Barret on Screen!

Teen fans may recognize 14-years-old Barret from his guest appearences on TV shows like The Incredible Hulk, Battlestar Galactica, Knight Rider and Highway to Heaven. But Barret's also had plenty of experience being larger-than-life on the silver screen. His early film roles included parts in the Disney short Frankenweenie and the romantic comedy Kiss Me Goodbye. Barret's larger parts include the young hero of the exciting fairy tale The Neverending Story and a one-of-a-kind boy with a microcomputer brain in the sci-fi adventure flick D.A.R.Y.L.

Cocoon, Again!

Of all his many TV shows and films, Barret's biggest hit so far has to be the original Cocoon, in which he played a young boy named David Green. At the end of that movie, Barret's grandparents (played by Our House's Wilford Brimley and Maureen Stapleton) decided to leave the planet earth with a group of friendly aliens and travel to another world where they could live forever. But the story doesn't end there! Movie audiences are getting to find out what happened next now that Barret and the original Cocoon stars are back on screen in the thrill-a-minute sequel, Cocoon: the Return!

Barret at Home!

With all the success he's had, you might think that Barret would have a swollen haed, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, this rising star is as typical a teenager as you would ever expect to meet. For starters, Barret lives at home with his parents and his older brother Kyle. Although acting is his first love, show biz isn't the only thing in always-on-the-go Barret's life. When he isn't working on a new role or going to regular school, Barret enjoys working on models, especially model airplanes! It sounds like Barret will be flyin' high for a long time to come!


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