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If you've come here to bask in Barret's cuteness, this is the place. Here you will find a very exhaustive amount of pictures of Barret throughout his acting career. The set includes galleries of screen captures from his movies and television roles, rare are candid photographs, and publicity shots alike.

Screen Captures:


Kiss Me Goodbye
Uncommon Valor
Jeckyll and Hyde...Together Again
The Neverending Story
The Secret Garden
Cocoon: The Return
Scenes from the Class Struggle of Beverly Hills


Battlestar Gallactica
The Circle Family
Incredible Hulk
Knight Rider
Invitation to Hell
Highway to Heaven
Finder of Lost Loves
Spot Marks the X

Magazine Shots

Magazine shots


Mark Cini said...

I'm really delighted that Barret Oliver is getting all this loving attention that he so well deserves!

Anonymous said...

If we see many people still crazy about little Barret, some even states in a terrible words, i understand if now he's hiding behind his beard, hiding his identity. I appreciate it Barret.