Barret Links


Barret Oliver FanClub on Yahoo
The largest, most active, and oldest Barret Oliver fanclub.

Barret Oliver Fans Utopia on Yahoo
Another, less active, Barret Oliver fanclub.


Barret Oliver Minipage
One of the best, most comprehensive, Barret fansites I've seen.

The Unofficial Barret Oliver Fanpage
Probably the oldest Barret fansite around, no longer updated.

Tadashiro Barret Oliver Page
Another old Barret fanpage, includes some soundbites and other files, no longer updated.

Barret Oliver Fanpage
Another old, but very nice, Barret fanpage.

Info/profile Pages:

Barret Oliver's profile at IMDb
One of the official sources for news about Barret, and contains a growing message board that is often interesting.

Barret Oliver at Bibi's Young Actors site
Just the info page for Barret, info about his acting career roles with pictures.

Barret Oliver at
The Barret Oliver page at (used to be TV Tome), information about Barret, and fan comments.

Important Barret sites that are no more:

The Lesser Seen Images of Barret Oliver
An old resource for very rare pictures of Barret Oliver in some of his lesser seen roles, along with candid photography off the set. No longer exists, but many of the pictures have been preserved in this site's gallery page.

Barret Oliver at
Just a page featuring some information and many screen captures from his roles in Cocoon and TNS.

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